It’s NOT Christmas just yet!
So it’s that weird time of year, where Christmas is close, so in our heads we plan on looking sexy in our party dresses
Yet it’s an expensive time of year, so cutting back on spending where we can, is a primary concern
So gym, personal trainer and healthy eating seem to be some of the first things to be cut for most people
Unfortunately it’s actually the worst time of year to give up on your training and clean eating
We all go out more, drink more and have more treats ‘because it’s Christmas’ so it’s thought of as acceptable
Yet come January I hear the same excuses from everyone, each year
– it was only 3 days off track, I can’t believe I’ve put on nearly a stone
When in reality it was more like 3 weeks!
– I didn’t have time to get to the gym because of Christmas shopping and parties
When in reality a 15 minute hiit session from my YouTube Channel is doable every single day
– I had family over all the time so had to have a drink with them all, and that leads to nibbling on the nicies
Ok so enjoy the festive season, we all do, yet make some changes to ensure you are enjoying, but still doing your best to make the healthier choices
I say it again, Lifestyle Change, consistency and manageable permanent changes are key to permanent success in leading a healthy lifestyle, being fitter and managing your weight
My social media post this morning was a question
‘ what is the biggest obstacle that stands in your way of getting fitter and healthier?’
I had lots of replies, most resulting in the obstacle being YOU
We have choices
We can choose to take a month off over Christmas, eating, drinking and being lazy
Or we can choose to make small changes to allow enjoyment at this time, but also ensure damage limitation
party days, choose the healthiest meals on the menu, because you know you are drinking alcohol
Also drink the less sugary, calorific drinks
Alcohol is lost calories anyway
There is no nutritional value in alcohol
And in fact it leaves you craving sweet, sugary, salty junk food
So you need to plan and prep for this time and be more careful in your choices
Ensure you do a workout, no matter how short, every single day, to make up for the difference in your nutrition
Remember living in MODERATION will allow you to have the best of both worlds
Giving up NOW and saying ‘I’ll start in January’ is foolish
A survey posted by Forbes magazine shows that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions
So putting your efforts off until then, means you’re very likely to put them off forever!
Just think, there is only just under 7 weeks until Christmas
it then takes most people a week to get out of the Christmas spirit, before they can be bothered to stop eating the rubbish that’s left and actually think of moving their butts off the sofa
So call it 8 weeks of minimum activity, increased alcohol intake, increased calorie intake, increase in stress and decrease in happy, positive mindset due to the hustle and bustle of the festive season
The effects of all of that on your body is shocking!
Weight increase, drastic drop in cardiovascular fitness, fat storage, metabolism slow down, decreased muscle mass, higher risk of depression and anxiety, just to name a few
So if this is usually you, there are lots of ways around it
But only YOU can make the choice to stay on track
With my online fitness and fat loss program Shapes Change, there are workouts, recipes, and constant support from a group where I motivate you to stay on track
The exercise videos can be done at home, in your own time, so no excuses 😉
And the support group keeps you on track with your workouts and your food, giving you alterative ideas for meals out, party time and the big day
Mindset really does matter most here again, well honestly in all aspects of life
living in an ‘all or nothing’ mindset will mean you will always struggle with achieving success in your health and fitness goals
either being bang on it, or bang of it with your efforts
Within all of my programmes we work on mindset and build structure towards leading a consistent lifestyle change
and we do it together!
For a look at testimonials from some of my amazing clients who have done fantastic on my programme check it out at
So stop getting in your own way!
Stop making excuses!
The choice is yours!
Don’t let January be an unhappy one where you hate your body again and wish you’d worked before Christmas
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Love as Always
Emma xx
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