So with My gym Shapes 10 year anniversary coming up, I wanted to share some great reviews with you
These few reviews only really scratch the surface of all we have received, as well as the hundreds of Thank you cards and gifts we have had over this time20161106_183726
I am so proud of what my mum and I have created, it really is like a little family
Our initial dream of Shapes, came true, plus more!
Our objective was to create somewhere happy, non intimidating and super supportive for women of all ages, shapes and sizes to come and get fitter and healthier
After being fit, sporty and attending gym’s all of my life, as a confident person, to then suffering with depression and being anxious to even walk through a gym door
I wanted to create a gym, where women who felt self conscious, anxious, insecure and lost could come, get full support, advice and help to become fitter, happier and healthier
And this is exactly what we created!
We are completely different to a regular gym, we are a fitness circuit that accommodates all fitness levels, capabilities, illnesses and injuries
We offer SMALL classes, group personal training and one to one PT, which encourages our women to become part of a small team / family
Somewhere they feel, safe, secure and happy
Yes, like any normal gym, people come and go
Women come to us needing extra help, get amazing results, gain confidence, begin to believe in themselves again
And then have the courage to go try other things
Which we feel is a job well done for us
This has worked so well over the past 10 years
We have made some incredible friends
And we have seen changes in people that absolutely melt our hearts
Women who were once stuck in a rut of self hatred, low self esteem and constantly unhappy
From the success of Shapes I have created an online program to offer the same support to women all over the world
Women who find it so difficult to find time for a gym, or classes or women who literally dread stepping foot into a busy environment
This online program combines mindset, fitness and nutrition coaching
Coaching that will help overcome obstacles, break down barriers and smash goals
I work closely with each and every client to ensure they are supported through their journey
As well as my online program, I have collaborated with Swansea Bay TV to offer a lifestyle fitness show, every morning 9.30am
This program starts TODAY
So tune in and get fit and healthy with my fab fat burning / muscle building workouts and lots of tips and advice to encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle
Each and every one or my programs, from the Shapes change system within the gym, to online and now TV are all aimed at those who CANNOT do it themselves
– Gym’s are intimidating
– Time is limited for lots of people
– Some need extra support, motivation and encouragement
– Doing it alone is tough
Lots of people feel this way
Not everyone is a fitness fanatic
We do not all LOVE exercise
We all work better with a little push!
So please read through my reviews and if this sounds like you, then check out my Lifeshaper program HERE just pop in your email address, to get my FREE video and exclusive access to my amazing program
Where you not only get great workouts, recipes, and meal plans, but weekly coaching sessions with myself to focus on becoming a better version of YOU!
Look forward to seeing you all soon
Keep posted for some fabulous 10 year birthday offers coming very soon 😉
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx
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