Hi all
well what a few weeks I have had with lots of shitty things going on in my life
No different to others of course, but god when it rains it pours hey
As you all know I have had a back problem for a long time and was diagnosed 3 years ago with 2 degenerated discs, one split and 1 bulging
Well, I managed it very well for a long time, but over the past 10 months the pain has progressively got much worse
So I had a rescan last week
The bad news is that I now have another bulging disc and another degenerated
The good news is that there is no sign of nerve impingement as of yet, so on a positive note, it’s up to me to prevent that from happening
This DOES NOT mean I have to give up exercise
BUT it does mean I have to make some drastic changes to my training
I also have to be much more cautious in every day life
Yesterday having the results was a shock and was a wake up call, and yes I felt SHIT!
This morning I have woken up with a positive attitude
Totally focused on changing things and not giving up and letting this get to me
I will NOT be down about it
I will NOT use this as an excuse to eat rubbish, be depressed and seek sympathy
I am excited to research new exercise programmes and excited to make a plan for my future
Too often I hear people saying they cannot exercise because of this illness, this injury, this problem they have
People who have given up, because they have been given some bad news about their health
Every single one of these people look and sound so miserable
Yet this is something they have the power to change
Each illness and injury is completely different, but there is ALWAYS something you can do!
My aim now is to help others realise this!
I want to inspire people to NEVER give up
Look for answers and alternatives to support them
So if you guys have had bad news and feel that keeping fit and healthy is now impossible for you
Then please contact me!
Let’s work together to find a solution for you
Within my Shape Your Life fitness and lifestyle programme on Bay TV Swansea, I am going to follow some alternative exercise programmes to find what new path I can follow
This is super exciting for me and something I feel is like a new fresh start
So, I’m leaving the negative news behind me!
Flip reversing the story and making it work for me instead of against me
My change in mindset has come from my fantastic coaching experience with my amazing mentor Brian Grasso
I have created a programme myself to help with mindset change
A programme that will help you:
– begin to believe in YOU again
– Overcome obstacles preventing you achieving your goals
– set goals
– Overcome your fears
and lots more!
This programme is now live at www.lifeshaper.org
So take a little look at my site and get your FREE consultation call booked in asap!
Look forward to sharing all my new experiences with you guys
Have a fantastic, happy, positive day
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx