I had a fabulous message off a lovely lady last week
someone who follows me on social media, blogs and emails
This lovely lady, was so grateful for my inspirational stories, that keep her going through her struggles with fibromyalgia, pain, depression and anxiety
the info I write about gives her some great tips and tricks to help with all of this, as well as the inspiration to keep going strong
Her message brought a tear to my eye as I didn’t actually realise the impact I was having on her
We all go through our own struggles
and sometimes people are quick to judge without knowing your real story
Some will even be quick to judge and comment negatively towards those who are brave enough to tell their story
It took me a very long time to admit I had suffered with depression
This only resulted after I had been through a coaching programme myself
Having an amazing mentor changed me as a person, enhanced my life massively and made me realise that I have absolutely nothing to lose telling my story
In fact, the more and more I open up and admit to the pains and internal anguish I have encountered, the more people relate to me
As much as my life a long sequence of train wreck disastrous stories, we still all have our own experiences that make us the people we are today
Good and bad experiences that tend to condition us
Which, I now know, we do not have to accept
We can change the stories we tell ourselves
Only we can make things different and refuse to let past experiences dictate our future
I found that physically writing MY STORY made me realise that I had spent a lot of years letting my past experiences effect my life massively
Once I accepted the past as just a story, that I was totally determined to change……..it did!
We cannot control how others treat us, we can only control how we react to this and how we let it effect our future
My whole life is based around helping others, get fitter, healthier and happier
Over the past few years I have been completely drawn into mind set and coaching, where I hep people much more than just getting them fitter, thinner and body happy
I have worked with hundreds of women who have suffered in some way or another with negative or poor mindset, depression, anxiety and stress related illnesses
These women completely lose themselves and give up on themselves
My aim is to help them find themselves again, believe in themselves, and gain confidence in who they are
I want to empower and motivate them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be
Telling MY STORY, is my way of showing women everywhere that being YOU is acceptable
I want women to be happy with who they are and all they stand for and hopefully prevent them from continually punishing themselves and feeling inadequate
Like I said it took me a long time to admit my depression, well writing MY STORY took just as long
This was mainly because I knew there was lots I needed to write about my past, yet I didn’t want it to upset anyone
My mentor then advised me that unfortunately we cannot help how others interoperate what we say
My aim is to help other women who may have felt the things I did growing up, so I will write my story as truthful and honest as possible
Experiences we have, do obviously involve other people, who have been a part of our lives at different times
The experiences we have with everyone in our lives, leave us with different emotions
How one person treats you may be completely different to how they treat another, yet your experience is the one that you attach the emotions to and you have the right to talk about that emotion and experience as it is your own
So remember it’s YOUR story!
However bad your story, it can be changed.
Writing about it and talking about with a coach, putting tools in place to make changes to change that story, super important for a happier life.
I created the Lifeshaper Coaching Program to do just that
To help people believe in themselves again
To stop them punishing themselves for their past
And to help remove the limitations they place on themselves from past experiences
– You are good enough!
– You can succeed!
– You will be happy!
My Lifeshaper Program will be live from 1st November, so if all of the above sounds like YOU, then check out my site at www.lifeshaper.org and sign up for a FREE coaching call with myself
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx