kinetic-1Life’s Curve balls….wow they come hard sometimes!

So lots going on here in my world, lots of new exciting ventures that I have planned and some personal sadness too
It can be hard to continue with your daily routines, your tasks and goals when life throws you a curve ball
But what else do we do?
We cannot just give up!
Consistency is key!
We will never achieve success in any aspect of our lives, if we let every obstacle that blocks our path deter us from the end result
So I am currently trying to juggle my personal issues with keeping up my passion for work too
So for the exciting stuff!
One big thing is that I now have my own show on Swansea Bay TV
I know I told you guys a little about this a few weeks ago
I have been recording some footage ready to keep Swansea Bay fit and healthy
I’d love some feedback from you guys as to what kind of things you want me to cover
Mainly, the show will be a workout, with tips on staying fit and healthy along the way too
So I’d much appreciate feedback on how I can help you, and what you want to learn that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle
My show will be Monday to Friday 11am on Freeview Channel 8 or Sky 159 in the Swansea area
I am going to teach fat burning workouts, which will leave you burning fat for at least 12 hours afterwards.
This is all dependant on you avoiding sugar and alcohol for that time, as this will otherwise blunt the fat burning effect of the workout.
As the show is only 30 minutes, I will be giving tips throughout the workout
small baby steps you can make daily to make a huge difference in your health and well being
Changes that can easily be made in any hectic lifestyle
Everything shown on the show will be based on my own Shapes Change fat loss programme that I offer in house at my gym Shapes and online at
15 minute workouts all rest based
these workouts are aimed at targeting the right hormones to work together to burn fat, and leave you burning fat for hours after
Nutrition is important too, and on my Shapes Change program, I encourage you to be your own detective and figure out what works best for YOU as an individual
I give you basic tips and advice, and support you in applying this to you and your lifestyle
Too many people these days follow every faddy diet and crazy exercise plan going which isn’t necessarily right for them
It’s important to learn to read your own body and adapt to changes in your lifestyle too
We cannot expect to always eat the same, when circumstances, activity, environment etc all change
So show is airing this week! keep a look out and if you cannot get the channel check out my facebook for live feeds
also if you feel that you desperately need a kick up the butt to get healthy then my Shapes Change Programme is for you
Kick start your healthy lifestyle and learn how to maintain good results forever
With Christmas coming up, now is the perfect time to get little black dress ready and learn how to manage your healthy lifestyle throughout the party season
The programme is 6 weeks long and is packed with education
My aim is to teach you:
– Smarter exercise
– Healthy eating
– Healthy recipes
– Understanding hormones
– Stress management
– Healthy Mindset
You will get:
– 3 workouts a week with me (small groups 5 max)
– Healthy recipe and information book
– Weekly coaching sessions 1-2-1
– Private online support group
– Educational seminars
Sign up NOW!!
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx