Weight Loss V’s Fat Loss

Hi all, ok so weight loss and fat loss are very different. Weight loss is based on calories, whereas there is a lot more to fat loss. Weight loss is simply eat less calories and exercise more for the figure on the scales to come down. In contrast, not exercising and eating lots of calories will surely make your weight on the scales go up. All of this is very true. However to maintain a good, healthy physique and to prevent yo yo dieting forever, then your fat-lossbody actually needs enough good foods to support it in everyday activities as well as the added exercise you may put it through. Therefore, the number on the scales is unimportant and you should be focusing on losing fat from your body to have maximum health. A 130lb lady who exercises and eats healthy will look lean and small, whereas a 130lb lady who just diets constantly starving herself with no exercise will look bigger as she will have less lean muscle and more body fat.

Obviously diets work and reducing your calories will eventually enable you to lose weight. However if not done properly then this weight will be mainly water and muscle loss, not fat. It is very important to maintain muscle mass as the more muscle you have on your body, the more efficient your metabolism works so the more calories you will burn.

Every time you diet by reducing calorie intake, then your body goes into starvation mode slowing down your metabolism and forcing your body to store fat as energy.

Dieting and starving your body in order to lose weight is not sustainable, thus the reason people tend to yo yo diet forever. Permanent fat loss requires a complete lifestyle change. It is important to overhaul your whole life from stress, sleep, food, exercise, hormones and lots more. ‘Quick fix’ diets will give you instant amazing results, but leave you hungry with low energy and craving which will lead to binging on salty, sweet, sugary and fatty foods. Most diets work in the short term as they are a big change to your current eating patterns. The real challenge is making sure the weight stays off long term for a healthy, lean, fit body. If this is what you’re looking for, then it’s fat loss that you should aim to achieve.

The problem with diets is when you stop them, either due to boredom, failing willpower or even after reaching your target. The majority of dieters weight will go back on very quickly and a lot of the time even more. Eating for fat loss is based on eating more of the right foods more frequently such as lean protein, vegetables and low sugar fruits.

Be aware of ‘diet’ products which are usually very misleading too. When something is low in calories then there is a good chance that other ingredients are used to create a nice taste and these ingredients are usually in the form of sugar.

Long hours of aerobic exercise, again has the same effect as dieting. You will lose weight on the scales but a lot of muscle too and as I explained earlier for a lean fat free body, muscle is very important. Years of research has now proved that short exercise sessions incorporating weight lifting is the best for fat loss.

So guys make sure you are doing the best training and nutrition plan for your specific goals.

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Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth

Emma xx