Hi guys so I want to tell you about my amazing girls in Team shapes.

We all decided a while ago to sign up to some additional event, we usually take part in race for life, but we wanted something more challenging.

So we signed up to INVINCBL 10K assault course c. Everyone was nervous, but excited at the same time.hallenge at Margam park.

INVINCBL1We well a team of 11, 10 girls and our honorary member Lee who was an amazing addition to the team. Lee was so encouraging and helped all the girls when they were struggling. We were lucky to have him join us.

For 3 months before the event, we trained extremely hard. I mimicked the obstacles on the course and we trained every week on these.

My team did amazing and we all well prepped and raring to go on the day.

It was a very sunny, but windy, so cold day.

Everyone was nervous and excited and the same time. Some being worried they weren’t capable of completing the course and would let the team down.

This definitely wasn’t the case, we all trained together, we would start and finish together, no matter who we had to carry, help or push along the way.

For some of my lovely ladies, this was a huge deal. They had never even dreamt of doing something like this. And as much as they really wanted to do it, they were scared too.

The team spirit, determination and drive everyone had on the day was unbelievable.

We even had a few minor injuries, twisted ankle, strained knee, twisted thumb and lots of cuts and bruises, but still wold not give in.

We lifted each other, caught each other and slowed down to wait for each other, even held each other’s hands…..as a team!!!!

Crossing that finish line together was such an amazing feeling. Getting these lovely ladies through it, all pulling together to support each other’s weaknesses, felt so special.

As competitive as I am, and always have been, helping my team complete this and see the smiles on their face and that massive sense of achievement was worth more than any gold medal.

This was a little warm up for some of us. 11 took part in the INVINCBL challenge, now 6 of that team are taking on Tough Mudder in London next weekend. We cannot wait and this practice was great for us to realise strengths and weaknesses and enable us to have a better strategy for the big one.

So if you ever feel you can’t do something, or you want to do something but are nervous, then maybe do it with others. Team work is always best and feels so amazing.

Anything is possible, and we can achieve anything we set our minds too, but having the support of others means we can get there quicker and easier.

So never say ‘never’ set a goal and surround yourself with positive supportive people to help you achieve it.

Keep fit and healthy. Invest in yourself and remember health is wealth.

Emma xx