Hey guys, so I’m not sure how many of you remember my blog from 12th April last year, called Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Well this was a huge weekend for me, and cutting a very long and upsetting story for me short, going to that event, I had recently been diagnosed with 2 degenerated discs in my back, both bulging and with zero fluid between them. I also had a big split in one and the other one actually needing to be removed. Check back on that blog and you will see how that weekend changed me from thinking my career was over and being completely negative and deflated, to being super positive and wanting to learn more to help other in my situation.

So from then to now…..JGH-EMMAP914-161

Then I was in so much pain pretty much all of the time. I was on pain killers every 4 hours and struggled to get out of bed in the morning. As the day went on and I was more active, the pain would reduce, but I struggled with teaching my classes and doing my own training. I completely cut out heavy weights and anything involving high impact jumps, running etc so there was no impact on my spine. I was terrified of causing more damage and being unable to continue to do the things I loved, so I was over cautious with everything I did.

Very slowly, I completed courses and educated myself more and gradually built back my confidence to try different things again. I am now taking my team from Shapes to complete some gruelling challenges over the next few months, we have an invincible  assault course at Margam Park in April, which is a great practice run for the big one….Tough Mudder in London in May. We have been training hard the past few months. I have increased my strength massively and gradually got my fitness back. It has taken me a year and I do obviously get good and bad days, as my back problem will never go away, but I manage it better now and train to support it. Trying new things is always a test as I am unsure how my back with respond so every day is a learning curve.

I am finally back lifting heavy weights, climbing, running (on sand) and taking on all sorts of challenges, a year ago I thought would never be possible again. My confidence has improved lots and I am back in the gym, squatting heavy and improving week on week. Massive thank you to my friend and strong man competitor Chris Melling who is supporting me with my weight training and building my confidence. Chris totally understands my back problem and he is amazing to work with.

So guys, this just shows that anything is possible, and I believe too many people give up too easily when they have a bad injury or illness. Our bodies are machines and need to be looked after they need to be mobile and strong to work efficiently. It’s good to be cautious as our bodies are so precious, however they are also incredibly adaptable so don’t be scared to get the right advice and as they say if you fall off your horse, you must get back on.

So please remember never give up. There is always help and advice out there somewhere and when things seem like the end of your world, you have to be positive and find a way back.

Keep fit and healthy, invest in yourself, remember health is wealth

Emma xx