Hi all, well what a fantastic time we had Sunday 18th May at our annual Shapesathon charity exercise marathon. We put this event on every year and in previous years have supported

Team Shapes with Alan Tate

Team Shapes with Alan Tate

Breast Cancer Care. However, this year there is a charity that has been very close to our hearts after helping and supporting a very close friend of ours through her terrible illness. This charity was the Leukaemia Lymphoma Myeloma Fund at Singleton Hospital. This is not a very well recognised charity and after their amazing support to our friend and her whole family we felt we wanted to give something back and do all we could to help raise awareness of this fantastic charity and their work as well as raising as much money as we could.

We held a 3 hour exercise marathon at Shapes Sunday morning, it was a sunny, warm, beautiful morning which obviously helped lots too. Everyone was so happy and enthusiastic the place was buzzing. We were also very lucky to have a good friend of ours Swansea City FC star Alan Tate come along and wish everyone luck and have a few pictures taken. Alan started everyone off and we began with a fab fun zumba warm up outside in the sun.

The morning consisted of several exercise sessions going on at the same time and people swopping from one to the other as they felt like. These sessions included zumba, kettlebells, yoga, weighted yoga, running, ab work, hoola hooping and circuits. We all had a great time and fantastic workout. Ensuring we were stopping for little breaks and water regularly.

As well as the exercise we made healthy protein pancakes and cakes to sell to the ladies, had some lovely raffle prizes donated and were lucky enough to have the lovely ladies from the Swans Angels jewellery business come and join us with their beautiful range, which again is in support of this charity.

All in all it was a fantastic morning and we are hoping to raise over £1000. I will keep you updated on this.

See you soon,

remember Health is wealth

Emma x