Hi guys, hope your all doing good and having an amazing week, goodness these weeks are flying bye. Amazingly we have had some lovely sunshine, which not only makes us all feel much happier, but also helps increase our Vitamin D levels in our body, which is very important for good health.images

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so requires a diet of good fats to aid with this, it is very important for the absorption of calcium, driving the calcium into muscles. Calcium is vital to ensure your bones and joints are strong. It is also essential for the maintenance of muscle, lean body mass and preventing fat storage in muscles and helps with fat burning ,relating specifically to burning visceral fat, which is the fat inside the abdominal cavity, surrounding the internal organs. Vitamin D also has significant anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects and a vitamin D deficiency has been linked to the development of diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin D levels need to be adequate to aid weight / fat loss as it gets trapped by body fat, thus causing a deficiency in overweight people, as the vitamin D is not released into the blood stream to be used by the body. Vitamin D deficiency is directly linked to high belly fat.

A healthy lifestyle and diet consisting of fish and lots of outdoor activity in the sunlight, should ensure we are getting enough vitamin D. However our climate in the UK mean we don’t get adequate amounts of sunshine, plus when we do see some sun, we plaster ourselves in sunblock to prevent cancer, which then also prevents the absorption of adequate vitamin D levels. Therefore, a vitamin D supplement is important for most of us, especially those who are overweight.

So guys, again I make clear here that a healthy diet, exercise and outdoor activity, like walking in a beautiful, peaceful environment are all things that add up to a healthy body.

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See you soon and remember Health is wealth

Emma x