Hi guys,

Well I’m sure you are all well aware of the new government guidelines of 10 pieces of fruit and veg aGreen-Super-Foods day to reduce the risk of death, various illnesses and to generally improve overall health. I think this is a great improvement on the old 5 a day theory as we do require more natural, clean foods in our diets instead of all the refined rubbish that is on the market these days. By the government jumping on board and issuing such a strong statement it may actually help us realise how important it is.

Food these days is changed so much, that hardly any of what finally reaches our mouths has the nutrients it started out with. Therefore, it is vital we include food in its natural form as our ancestors in pre historic times did. Studies have proved over the years that illness and death has increased massively since these times, which seems to be in line with the increase in refined fast foods and junk we now have an abundance of. Another important factor to consider is how pesticides damage the natural form of food and effect our health, as well as the hormones that are pumped into animals to speed up maturity and improve the taste of the food. This all has a massive impact on us as these hormones, pesticides and chemicals are then passed onto us as we eat the products. This being said, when possible always choose organic food, grass fed meats etc, to limit the toxins being passed onto you.

While accepting that this big statement by the government about 10 a day is a positive thing and something we all need to try and adhere to, as difficult as that may be for most people, what you also need to be aware of is that yes fruit is natural and has always been said to be good for us, however it is full of sugar and therefore does not benefit weight / fat loss or illnesses such as diabetes. You must be careful of your high sugar fruit intake and minimise this, avoiding high sugar fruits such as banana, grapes, pineapple, mangos, pomegranate and cherries. As I have discussed with you before. Sugar will spike insulin levels within the body, causing any excess sugar to be stored as fat and leaving you craving more sugary foods very quickly. Vegetables on the other hand are full of nutrients with key vitamins and minerals to aid a healthy body. As well as this vegetables will keep you fuller for longer, preventing hunger and cravings and so are obviously the best option for health and maintaining a lean body.

If you already struggle fitting in the previously recommended 5 a day, then a greens drink is a great option and one I choose daily as it is so convenient. There are plenty of good greens drinks on the market that contain high amounts of health promoting greens for long term health, energy and vitality, as well as detoxing the digestive system. I myself highly recommend Phil Richards Ultimate Greens. This contains some of the most nutrient dense green foods available and are found to help boost the immune system and the nervous system, improve digestion and metabolism, promote bowel health and the growth of good bacteria, as well as being packed full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, plus much much more. I have tried a few green products and this one is best for me. The taste is good and I feel great with it. Please check out http://bit.ly/1qHR6n4 for all products. And my website www.shapeschange.com for fitness, fat loss and free workout.

Keep fit and healthy, Remember Health is Wealth

Emma x