IMG-20140330-WA0004Hi all, well March was hectic for me with fitness and business events. It was amazing. I love to learn all I can to  help my clients further achieve their goals and to progress my business. Last weekend I attended Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp (FEB) in Birmingham with my amazing friends and fellow personal trainers Tara Hammett and Richard Clark. This is hosted by John Le Tocq and Dax Moy. This event is amazing as the guys bring over the best fitness entrepreneurs in the business from all over the world to give us ideas, motivation and insight on how to improve our business. This year as well as John and Dax who both have built fantastic Fitness related business’ we got to meet and make friends with other fitness professionals we were lucky enough to have seminars from Luka Hocevar, Steve Krebs from USA, Travis Jones from Australia and Brian Grasso and Carry Campbell from Canada.

One major thing all of these guys have in common is that the way thy run their fitness business is very friendly and supportive, creating a family type environment, in fact being their whole lives not actually a job…….exactly as we do at Shapes. I have always run my business this way and that is what makes us different from other gyms in the area especially the local authority run fitness centres.

These amazing fitness professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry and yet are still very humble and are so happy to pass on their knowledge, experiences and even downfalls to help others progress and achieve their goals. It was a privilage to be in their company and listen to them speak.

Something we all agreed on at the event was that yes education, knowledge and experience is obviously important in our business as we need to be ensuring clients are achieving results. However, offering a nice happy, friendly, supportive environment is just as important. There are lots of trainers that are excellent at achieving results within the gym and with nutrition plans,……BUT, a lot of clients need extra support and actually will not achieve good results with exercise and nutrition plans alone, as they have underlying issues that are preventing them from achieving. This can be anything from stress to illness or injury or even wrong mindset. Being able to identify this and help the client overcome this problem first, to ensure the correct exercise and nutrition plan will then have the best effect, is actually more important that just beasting them with hardcore training programs.

Before attending FEB I had been given some bad news about my back. I have 2 degenerated discs from years of horse riding and running from a young age. As you can imagine this was a huge set back and a shock for me as I love my business it is not a job it actually is my whole life. I have had a problem and been in pain on and off since October last year, I was in pain attending FEB, especially after the car journey………BUT and this is a huge BUT, I was lucky enough to spend some time with the amazing Dax Moy who performed some of his BodyMap technique on me to relieve me from the pain. I was blown away!!!! I had seen him do this to others and increase their range of movement from tight muscles, so during a break, spoke to him about my back. Dax literally spent 5 minutes with me and increased my range of movement (pain free) from 30% to 100%…..I was amazed!!! The pain was now minimal and I felt so much more comfortable. It was a miracle lol. Dax told us about this procedure and how he was targeting the nervous system to release the pain. I have now booked onto his course in June to learn all of this for myself, to be able to offer my clients this additional service. So I will keep you updated and tell you more about it once I have been on the course.

FEB came totally at the right time for me, as I had felt very defeated prior to this weekend, however I have now ensured I am booked onto a few different courses to improve my education in terms of injuries and adapting training around them, and I am now training very differently myself too. Totally positive about my future and looking forward to what new exciting things this will bring.

Keep fit and healthy, Remember Health is Wealth

Emma x