Hi guys, I travelled to Blackool last week for IFS 2014. This event is great and shows off amazing new fitness concepts and is full of fitness professionals from all over the world. It’s a great event and gives me a chance to catch up with some amazing friends. There was fitness demos from the Insanity team, Tabata, bootcamps, hiits and lots more. However, my main reason to take the long journey to Blackpool and attend the event was the fact that the Metabolic Effect team were over from America to give seminars and anyone who knows me will know I absolutely love these guys and all 20140320_175118they stand for. It was great to see my good friend and UK Metabolic Effect Tutor Lincoln Bryden as well as founders Jade Teta, Gary Leak and Jill Coleman and Spanish Representative Daniel Gonzales.

20140320_175423I attended a training day with the team on female fat loss, all of which was based around female hormones, their effect on the body and how nutrition and exercise effect these hormones and in turn effect how the body adapts to change, weight gain, fat loss etc. This is how I always advise on training and nutrition but we went into the female cycle a lot more which was very interesting. Us females have a lot to contend with you know!!! men don’t realise how lucky they are 😉 Because of the female hormone system it makes it a lot harder for us to maintain fat loss and a lean body. Also some women have bigger problems than others with things like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) which affects millions of women all over the world and is associated with abnormal hormones in the body, specifically high amounts of male hormones. Therefore, it is vital that the right nutrition and exercise plans are used for these ladies to have as healthy a body as they possibly can and to hopefully overcome one of the major side effects which is weight gain and fat storage in the abdomen, hips and bottom.

Another thing these super knowledgeable and experienced guys preach and something I believe massively myself is that we are all individual and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ rule for exercise and nutrition. You have to find what is right for you as an individual. Our bodies, hormones etc all work differently so we cannot all get the same results from exercise and nutrition plans. Following the crowd isn’t the best answer, If you are struggling to lose fat and change shape, then seek professional advice and have a plan written specifically for you.

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Keep fit and healthy, Remember Health is Wealth

Emma x