images (3)Hi all, I want to talk about exercise and injury today. This is important to me as I have had problems with my back for a few months and unfortunately found out last week that I have 2 degenerative discs. The discs are in a bad way, as a result of horse riding and running from a young age. As you can imagine I was very upset to find this out, however, knew it wouldn’t beat me and definitely wouldn’t prevent me from pursuing the career I love so much. This is just a little obstacle that won’t stop me, just steer me in a different direction. Since finding this out Thursday I have now booked myself onto specialist courses to advance my training and knowledge to help others with injuries and to help me improve my own situation. Even though the problem can’t be completely fixed, with help from a few different experts and learning more myself I will be able to still exercise and do lots of activities. This has made me realise even more now how important it is for us to take super care of our bodies as only one we have.

Pain can be caused for all sorts of reasons, if it hasn’t stemmed from an injury then usually can be wear and tear as mine is. Years and years of high impact sport can cause joint, bone and muscular problems.

If you do suffer with pain of any kind, initially it is important to find out the cause of this pain and then seek professional help from a specialist in that area. I highly recommend getting a scan of the affected area, before you undergo any treatment so you know exactly what is going on. Otherwise manipulation can make underlying problems much worse. Please ensure you seek correct advice and push until you get some results as to what is actually going on within your body. If you cannot receive this treatment on the NHS then it is important you do all you can to go private…….be safe! as I said earlier only one body you have so do your best to take care of it.

Remember that there will be some form of exercise you can do, DON’T GIVE UP!!! seek a trainer who is fully qualified and deals with GP referrals as well as working closely with physiotherapists. They will write a plan that is right for you as an individual. Staying active is essential for a healthy body and to slow down the aging process.

So why I am telling you all of this is????…….well to show you that having pain from an injury, even a bad injury does not mean that you cannot exercise and have to become sedentary, unfit, unhealthy and possible overweight. All it means is that you need to get the right advice on what is best suited to your problem.

Your back is so important and should be something you look after and protect at all times. Be aware that every move you make has to travel through your spine, therefore good posture and correct lifting technique should be applied all of the time. Obviously this is something I practice religiously and preach to all of my clients. However, I was just very unlucky that I chose 2 sports as a child that have a massive impact on your back health. Be aware that not all exercise or sport is completely safe, especially with all of these new high impact fitness crazes out now. Ensure you are being taught correctly and not harming your body in the process.

Exercise is so important especially for a bad back. Rest is actually worse and will cause the muscles to go into spasm around the affected area to protect it, thus causing you more pain. Even the lowest impact exercise is vital to maintain good flexibility, motor function, respiration, cardiovascular efficiency and lots more.

Not exercising will reduce your bodies capability of normal function and everything will gradually slow down, possibly causing joint problems, reduced muscle mass and increase the possibility of early onset aging.

I hope this helps you realise 1. how important your body is 2. if your injured it is not the end of your exercising days.

Keep fit and healthy, Remember Health is Wealth

Emma x