stock-footage-festive-foods-served-on-table-pan-leftIt seems we all make an excuse for falling off the ‘healthy eating wagon’ when we have a function that involves us eating out, however there is no need to as there will always be something to eat on the menu without compromising our healthy eating plan. Success will depend on your self-discipline and this doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the fun of a social life.

Before booking a restaurant check out the menu so you can see if they offer healthy options and not just pizza, French fries and burgers, if they do opt for a different restaurant. When we are invited to a function and it is not within our control to choose the venue enlist the help of friends and family to remove any tempting food over to their side of the table to help you resist having some.

Gain some nutritional knowledge as this will help you when it comes to ordering your food. Ask the waiter/waitress how the food is cooked, is it organic products and what comes on the side.


You can substitute some foods such as fries, rice and refried beans with black beans, vegetables and salad. You will have to put some thought into this but over time it will become second nature.


If you find yourself in a restaurant with no healthy option on the menu ask to change it to suit you. This may sound impossible to do but its quit easy to ask for a dish in a sauce to be prepared with the sauce on the side and choose a healthier sauce if you need to such as mustard sauce instead of a creamy sauces. Request grilled fish as opposed to breaded fish and refrain from the salad dressing.


Healthy food can double and even triple in calories when we add things like ketchup, relish and salad dressings to them. You can spice them up with a little mustard or fresh salsa and even take your own healthy salad dressing with you if necessary.


It can sometimes be easy to overeat when we are dining out as we have no control over the portion sizes. You will need discipline for this and if necessary ask for a doggy bag so you can take some home with you for the next day, or share what you have with a friend.


It is difficult to control how much you eat if you are really hungry so try to order foods that are full of fibre. Fibrous foods such as veggies and salad will fill us up and keep us full for longer.


When you are full you don’t have to keep eating just because your paying for it. Ask the waiter to remove your plate thus removing temptation!!!!!!


Being sociable is something to enjoy its when we relax and meet up with friends and family so don’t just think about food. Savour the experience eat your food slowly and enjoy the company.