276441_218341011549577_5135649_n1005007_645431758810369_775113557_aJust before Christmas I was approached to help raise money for the fantastic Marie Curie charity in support of a very brave lady Sarah Miller.

Sarah’s Story:

I am committing my self to get in shape in order to raise money for marie curie by attending the 8 day grand canyon trek next september. I lost my mum Patsy to lung cancer just over 2 years ago. I had a lot off support from marie curie nurses and not only did I want to give something back but I also wanted my mums death to be a positve by achieving something amazing for her and me. My fitness level is not quite what it should be but I am on the track to improving it in preperation for my challenge. I quit smoking over 3 months ago and am excited about the support that Emma is going to give me to prepare me for this event. I am looking forward to the most amazing challenge of my life, both emotionally and phsycally x

Ok so after hearing this amazing story, I was overwhelmed with Sarah’s bravery and determination to take part in this challenge alone, thousands of miles away from home, family and friend. I offered to help Sarah prepare for this big challenge, training her up until the event to ensure she can complete it safely and to the best of her ability, being fit, strong and able to enjoy the experience without struggling. The Grand Canyon Trek is 6, 8 hour days of trekking over rough and hilly terrain, carrying a small backpack with water, food and small,emergency medical kit. Therefore, Sarah needs to be prepared for this.

Sarah came to me not having exercised for some time, so we have started with Sarah attending my 30 minute interval training circuit at Shapes 3 times per week initially to improve her fitness and strength. I am then going to work very closely with Sarah providing her with a fitness and nutrition plan right up to the time she leaves for the trek. The trek will be very challenging physically and will have a big impact on Sarah’s body.

I am very excited to be helping Sarah and we are going to try and raise as much money as possible to support her brave journey. I will constantly keep you updated on Sarah’s progress and any fundraising events we may have over the next few months. Sarah is a very determined and dedicated lady who is very brave and I know she will do amazing. We would be very grateful for your support, Sarah has a just giving page for donations, please show your support for this amazing, brave lady at http://www.justgiving.com/Sarah-Miller26

Keep fit and healthy, remember health is wealth

Emma x