Hi everyone hope you all had an amazing Christmas. The festive period seemed to be a bit longer this year with a short 2 days back in work then the weekend again. However it is now well and truly OVER!!!

I hope you have all binned the junk food and are ready to get back to a healthy lifestyle. The children are back in school tomorrow and it’s back to reality. I am sooooooo pleased about that. As much as I have had an amazing Christmas with my lovely family and friends, party season is a killer and I’m glad to get back to normality.

So I’m sure your all confused about what diet to follow, which gym or exercise class is going to be best for you and a lot of you I know will follow your friends……well please remember that your fitness and fat loss journey is a personal thing and should be something you embark on for yourself to achieve the best possible results. Not every diet or exercise plan suits everyone. We have the slimming club non exercisers, hardcore crossfit or bootcampers to zumba bunnies and then the gym users that just want to be generally leaner, fitter and healthier. You have to find what is right for you. Something YOU enjoy, something that fits into YOUR life and that can be part of a lifestyle change rather than a chore.

For best results and an overall healthier body and mind, you will need to combine healthy eating with regular exercise and again all of this will depend on the goal your wanting to achieve. Please remember that to maintain fat loss it is not just a case of good nutrition and regular exercise but also hugely dependant on your mind set too. Daily life from stress to environment have a big impact on how your hormones work, which in turn has an effect on fat burning or fat storing within the body.

Therefore my advice to you all would be to ensure the path you take is a happy one to ensure best results. Find a healthy eating plan that suits you. Fits into your daily pattern easily and isn’t ‘hard work’ or you will crash and burn early on as it will not be sustainable for you. Again find a gym, class, fitness program that your happy and comfortable in. My clients at Shapes love the friendly, supportive environment that we offer and I know the majority of them would feel very uncomfortable within a regular mixed gym which mostly tend to offer no support to the clients unless they are paying additional fees for personal training. Fitness classes in local government run gyms tend to have 50-100 people in a class, personally I believe this is unsafe and more about making money than offering a good service to the clients. It may look good to have a jam packed class, however the instructor doesn’t have a personal relationship with these people and cannot monitor their progress, technique or possible injuries at all.

If you are happy to join a huge class and get on with it yourself not feeling you need any additional help then great. For those of you that are intimidated, have injuries, illness or even just prefer more of a friendly personal touch, then look around, get some feedback from different friends or look up reviews on the gym’s website and find what is best for YOU……good luck.

Keep fit and healthy

Remember Health is Wealth

Emma x