me cropI have managed to do a lot of my own training lately. Usually I teach so many classes that I don’t actually have time to concentrate on myself. I found that I was getting too skinny and losing my muscle definition. Now I have taken more of a demonstrating role in some of my classes, so I am not actually burning myself out and this has then enabled me to have the energy to do my own training sessions.

Putting your body under too much stress by overtraining is very detrimental to your fat loss and maintaining a healthy body. Your hormones play a huge part in fat loss and your overall health and overtraining releases Cortisol which is a stress hormone and a fat storing hormone. I found this to be very true for my body. I was tired all of the time, no energy and had lots of aches and pains. Also most of my classes were very aerobic and so I looked very thin and unhealthy.

I have always weight trained but now I’m able to do much heavier sessions as I’m not so tired. This has been amazing for my body. My body fat has dropped loads and I have a lot more muscle definition especially in my abs, which I’m sooooooo happy with 🙂

My nutrition is always good anyway, but I am being extra careful now as my goal is to look fab to go to America for the Zumba Convention in August. I do eat lots, because my body type is that of an Ectomorph means I am always very small and have to be careful I don’t lose too much weight. Some of you may think that is lucky, however looking skinny is not attractive. I eat lots and lots but all good food. A strong lean body is much more attractive than skin and bones.

So ladies those of you that are scared to lift heavy weights …..GET LIFTING!!!!

The more muscle you have on your body the more calories your body will burn even at rest, you will also have an increased metabolism. Lifting heavy weights will not make us women big and bulky. We do not naturally have enough Testosterone in our bodies for us to gain huge muscle mass. Training sessions using a heavy weight targeting every muscle frequently and at a high intensity will create an elevated metabolism for hours after the workout. Creating a lean, toned and healthy physique.

Look fab, toned and lean for summer

Emma x